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tubeuploads reporting system adult tube submitsCreating promo videos, writing titles and descriptions, setting up content partner accounts and uploading videos can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. Instead of fretting over whether you have the most efficient keywords, the most eye-catching intros, or can attract the highest paying target audience, let TubeUploads handle it!

If you are a pay-site owner and would like the best possible coverage on the tubes to drive money-making traffic to your site, then you have come to the right place. TubeUploads will provide your site with guaranteed quality traffic to drive up your membership and increase your revenues! We are a highly professional team with years of experience in the adult marketing industry, made up of SEO copywriters, programmers, and adult R&D professionals.

We are constantly up to date with the current trends in adult and are constantly updating our technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. Our submissions are not only guaranteed, we will also provide you with visible proof so you can rest assured your content in being seen by your intended market!

[superlist title=”Unique Real-Time Upload Report” icon=”check”]Get access to our detailed real time upload reporting system, complete with upload screenshots, so you can follow the process of the video submissions and the process of the CPP registrations. We are the only site that offers this exclusive service, so you can be confident your content is getting maximum exposure on the tubes![/superlist] [superlist title=”Setting up content partner channels” icon=”check”]We apply for 30+ content partner channels on your behalf.[/superlist] [superlist title=”Design a complete banner set for all CPC’s” icon=”check”]On request, we will produce all banners, over 30 different sizes, for all content partner channels.[/superlist] [superlist title=”Video Editing” icon=”check”]We are able to create a massive amount of HQ tube content within hours, according your exact length specifications, complete with custom Intros, Outros and Watermarking.. [/superlist] [superlist title=”Writing Unique Titles and Descriptions” icon=”check”]Our team creates unique titles, catchy keyword-rich descriptions, SEO tags and assigns the correct categories.[/superlist]


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