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Reporting System


TubeUploads.com has developed an exciting new tool that lets you check your uploads in real time! TubeUploads is the only company on the market who can show you proof of every successful upload we do on your behalf.

Our Unique reporting system will provide you with the following information, giving you total transparency and updates as they happen:

– Number of successful and failed submissions for content partner and regular accounts
– A detailed list of each tube site submitted to and the status of that submission
– Actual screenshots from each tube site uploaded to
– Calendar with all scheduled uploads
– See the description written specifically for your video by our team, complete with tags and categories
– A detailed status of each site account. You can see which are partner, which are regular, and which are pending or requesting.

Our Reporting System can also be downloaded as an app, complete with push notifications so you never miss any activity!