Benefits of automating your content distribution


Many industry professionals swear by uploading manually. We have a different point of view and the data to back it up. Our automated submission software has changed the game!

Automating your content distribution is one of the fastest ways to grow your adult business. While others are still uploading manually, you can get ahead of the curve by using our unique submission software. Manual uploads are time-consuming, but some argue that there is a smaller margin for error. While this used to be the case, our software has been tweaked and improved over time and our reporting system shows that our margin of error with our automated submitter is smaller than when submitting manually!!

Our employees are all native English speakers with extensive marketing and SEO experience. Their job is to help you boost exposure and reach your target audience. All videos are uploaded automatically 24/7 using our own in-house developed software especially designed and constantly updated to maximize uploads.

Some bullet points:

  • Lesser need to outsource

  • More time to focus on other important tasks

  • Better use of employee time

  • Faster ROI; more uploads equals more exposure, resulting in more sales

  • Easy integration into your workflow; adjustable for your needs

  • Get work done while off the clock

  • Increased production output; make use of our high-speed server for your video uploads

  • Ability to be more competitive; rank more promotional videos in a shorter period of time to get ahead of your competition